Odd Todd Studios creates original animations for Fortune 500 companies and top media outlets. The instantly recognizable, personable and casually funny approach is ideal for science & tech explainers, product promotion and employee engagement. Odd Todd's acclaimed (Webby-winning) approach is far more effective than yawn-enducing whiteboard presentations. The hook is humor -- along with a hand-drawn style and every-man relatable tone. An Odd Todd cartoon is often received like a gift to the audience of a business or network. There's a reason HP, Time and ABC News have partnered with Odd Todd Studio for years -- the cartoons always connect.

    Trend Micro commissioned Odd Todd Studios to promote their security product TippingPoint! Protecting against known, unknown, and zero-day vulnerabilities!

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with Odd Todd Studios to create motivational/informational videos for the HPE sales force to achieve year-end goals.

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Odd Todd partnered to create info videos for EverydayHealth! Here's one about your heart!

    HPE is working with Odd Todd Studios on a series of web videos to promote their security products! Fortify! Atalla! Logger! Here's a the full series of them! Check em out!

    Time.com ordered up an original series for the Time Magazine website. Fun and informative and funny! All about You!

    The Odd Todd / Robert Krulwich video 'How Much Do Hurricanes Weigh?' is the best way to learn... how much hurricanes weigh. Produced by National Public Radio.

    National Geographic Ocean Initiative is playing a vital role in raising awareness to protect our oceans and reefs. Meet Mel the Fish explaining the how and why.

    The NPR award winning Climate Change series All About Carbon won a Webby Award! Thanks to all at NPR who worked on this series!

    I've been invited to speak and present cartoons at the Gordon Research Conference on Nuclear Chemistry at Colby Sawyer College! Oct 12-17!!

    An Odd Todd Cartoon will be featured at The Summit on Science, Entertainment, and Education (a program of The National Academy of Science) on February 4th in Los Angeles.

    I did an interview for CUNY TV a new show called "Science & U" Channel 75. You can watch the interview on You Tube HERE!

    Odd Todd/Krulwich NPR cartoon 'Ants That Count' is nominated for an Online News Association ONA Video Finalist) Award.